The Bride And Vroom: 3 Motorcycle-Themed Wedding Ideas

What makes a great wedding is the couple's ability to incorporate their style and personality into the special day.  From the vows to the first dance, wedding guests want to see the shared interests of the couple shine through.  If you and your groom are into motorcycles, you likely want to utilize them in your theme, but you'll need to mindful of your non-motorcycle riding guests.  If you're looking for ways to keep your hobby in your wedding without being overbearing, consider these three tips for a motorcycle-themed wedding day. 

Idea #1: Use Leather to Add Texture to the Affair

You know that leather provides safety, comfort, and style when riding a motorcycle.  Incorporating black leather into your wedding decor and fashion is a great way to show your love of riding without making it overbearing.  Touches of black leather will add a deeper level of texture to the day, and it can create statement pieces out of the ordinary.

  • A black leather sash on your wedding dress or vests under tuxedos will show just a hint without the leather dominating the outfits. 
  • Braiding leather into your hair adds drama to your style. 
  • Wear leather riding boots instead of heels.  You'll be comfortable, and your personality will shine through on your day. 

Idea #2: Ride Off in a "Just Married" Motorcycle

It's tradition for the bride and groom to ride off in a car that says "Just Married" on the back, but chugging along in an old sedan just doesn't suit you.  As you run out of the ceremony toward your reception, instead of climbing into a limo or car, hop onto the back of a bike and ride away gripping your new husband's waist.   

Contact a local motorcycle rental company, like Escape Eagles.  You'll likely be able to find a larger bike that can accommodate your formal wear, a bike designed with your wedding colors in mind, or a bike with a sidecar if you're feeling very protective of your gown (which is totally natural). 

Idea #3: Let Your Stationery Match Your Style

Your wedding theme starts well before the actual wedding day.  The engagement photos, save-the-dates, and invitations help set the tone of your wedding, whether it be formal, casual, a little bit country, or a little bit rock-n-roll.  

Many couples choose to use their engagement photos in their save-the-date cards.  A picture or two of you two sitting with your bikes will let guests know that they can expect a little fun at your wedding, or you can choose to go more formal and incorporate leather ties on your black and white wedding invitations.  

Riding motorcycles isn't just a hobby, it's a way of life.  You want it to be part of your big day without overtaking your big day.  You can have a motorcycle-themed wedding day that doesn't push too many boundaries for a formal event.  Incorporate leather in your clothes, ride off on a special bike, and pull your theme into your stationery for a fun but formal motorcycle wedding.