Stun Guns Are Perfect Christmas Gifts For The Women In Your Life

As the holidays roll around, the season for gift buying is in full swing. If you are a man looking for the right gift for the women in your life, then you might want to consider looking at some stun guns for sale. With the crime rates rising and women becoming more and more vulnerable to such crimes, it is good for them to have a reasonably safe way to protect themselves.

Stun guns are a great option as they can fit in a purse or bag, cause no lasting harm to the victim, offer a sense of security, and are easy to use. This is especially important for women who live and work in big cities, or who travel a lot at night.

Fit in a Purse or Bag

Just as Mace has become a popular self-defense mechanism of choice for many women, stun guns are rising in popularity for this demographic because they are quite small. An average purse or bag can effectively hide them from site. This will allow the woman to carry it with her without the item causing any large disruptions in her routine.

Cause No Lasting Harm to the Victim

Tasers were quite popular for some time, but they started to lose their glory as more and more people suffered lasting damage from them. Self-defense is very important, but it can be emotionally jarring for a woman to see her protective actions permanently alter or end a life.

Stun guns can offer the needed delay in action for the offending persons without causing the heart palpitations known in tasers and the ocular issues encountered with mace.

Offers a Sense of Security

Equality between men and women is very important, and fortunately, women have been seeing some very welcome changes in society over the past decade. Sadly, however, crimes against women have been steadily on the rise. 

This site offers some harrowing statistics about the violence perpetrated against women, the most shocking of which is the fact that 80% of reported sexual assaults are against women under the age of 30. Many women who are aware of this fact are plagued with fear and a complete lack of confidence as they travel alone, especially at night. A good protective tool can help to offer the sense of security they are craving.

If you are a man who has beloved women in this demographic in your life, then this Christmas could be the perfect time to offer a way to keep them from becoming a sad statistic. 

Easy to Wield and Use

One of the main reasons a stun gun for sale would be a good Christmas gift for the women in your life is simply because it is an easy self-defense tool to use. An hour of practice and instruction will help any woman know how to safely use this protective weapon to defend herself from harm. This will be a gift of protection for them, and the gift of peace of mind for yourself.

Go to your local safety equipment store for more info.