A Boater's Guide To Buying The Best Boat Lift Canopy

After months enjoying the summer sun in your boat, storing it away during the down season can be a bittersweet sight to see. You are thankful you will get to have just as much fun next summer, but sad to see the boating season come to an end. When your boat is being stored perched upon a lift, you can rest easy with knowing your prized watercraft will be kept safe.

Affix your boat lift with the right boat lift canopy, and your boat will be even more protected from the elements. However, buying the right canopy can be a trying experience when there are so many different choices. Here are some key features to look for while you shop in order to get the best.

A Quick Interlocking Attachment System

When you are putting the canopy over your lifted boat, the last thing you want is to have to struggle with messy ropes or drawstrings. Not only are these hard to maneuver properly, they can easy become damaged and leave your canopy vulnerable to the slightest amount of wind. Look for a canopy that has an interlocking attachment system, such as belt snaps or steel enforced buckles, are much easier to use, but also more durable.

UV Resistant, Urethane Coating

Even in cooler weather, the amount of UV light that is reflected on the water can be incredible. Not only will a low-quality canopy fade and be prone to damage with no UV protection, it will not protect the boat beneath the canopy either. The canopy you invest in should be UV resistant and coated with urethane sealant to ward off any harmful rays that the sun delivers. Urethane will not only enforce UV protection, but offer more tear resistance as well.

Fully Adjustable Canopy Frames

You could purchase a traditional canopy with stand alone framing in a one-size-fits-all configuration, but there is nothing like the flexibility of an adjustable canopy frame. Look for a frame that allows for both vertical and horizontal movement. This will enable you to enclose the canopy around your boat as much as possible and make installation simple to achieve.

When you have all of the right accessories in place, your boat can be fully protected from just about anything the weather can serve up when it is in storage. Make sure you keep this handy guide close when you shop for your new boat lift canopy (at a store like Waterway Boat Lift Covers) to achieve ultimate levels of protection.