What Are Your Options For RV Towing?

The choices you make for a hitch can mean the difference in a safe, uneventful haul or not. The hitch you use can determine a great deal about what you can pull and its weight. For RV owners, the requirement of high quality hitches is important for ensuring safe towing, a smart investment in the protection of your vehicle.

The Size And Weight Of Your RV

Considering the size and weight of your RV before choosing a hitch is extremely important. Hitches are made according to classes, starting with the smallest types of campers to the largest and heaviest vehicles and campers. When selecting a class of hitch, always remember to include payload weight as well. For example, if your camper fell into the first class of hitches, it would weight in at or under 2,000 pounds. Knowing the weight of your camper and what you will be hauling in it is important to your choices for hitches.

Large Campers And Fifth Wheel Hitches

Fifth wheel towing offers greater stability due to better weight distribution. The fifth wheel is a large, circular attachment that extends from the end of the camper. The circular wheel slides into the fifth wheel hitch attachment in the bed of your pick up truck. Fifth wheel hauling promotes greater weight distribution as well, a hugely essential aspect of safe towing. If you are thinking about buying a large camper, considering the fifth wheel is best for the greatest benefits of safer towing due to greater weight distribution.

Automated Towing And Your RV

You may be considering the latest technological advancement in towing for your RV. Automated towing systems can help a lot to take the guesswork out of safer towing by helping you gauge backup maneuvers and automatically adjusting to weight. However, before you invest in automated towing, check with the manufacturer of your vehicle about specifications that could be required. Not every RV is suitable for the installation of automated systems, so making sure yours is before making a final purchase can help save you money and headaches.

Tow Dollies For RVs

Pulling a car behind your RV is necessary for you to get the most out of your trips. Once you park your RV, your need for transportation becomes great. A tow dolly provides the safest and easiest way to haul cars using your RV. If your car cannot be towed while on all four wheels, using a tow dolly for towing with two wheels on the ground is the best option.

Making it to your destination safely is the most important consideration of any trip you take in your RV. When towing, always taking the time to plan ahead increases your chances for the most enjoyable and safe adventure. For more information, contact an RV hitch dealer like Alaska Recreational.