Four Ways to Prepare for Your First Golf Vacation

One of the only things better than a day on the local golf course is a whole vacation on the course. Before walking out the door and making the journey, you need to make sure that all the proper preparations have been made to ensure that you have the best time possible. The following guide can help you get ready for your first golf vacation.

#1: Prepare Your Body

Although you may be an avid golfer at home, your body is likely not used to being outside and playing the game for hours over a period of days. Spend the days and weeks leading up to your trip getting in shape – a daily walk is a good, low-impact exercise that will help you on the course. Also, make sure you are staying well hydrated and getting plenty of rest. You don't want to show up for your vacation tired and dehydrated.

#2: Pack Wisely

While this is true for any type of vacation, it's especially true for a gold trip where you spend most of your time outdoors. Even tropical areas can have days of cool breezes or rain, so make sure you pack active wear clothing for every type of weather that can conceivably happen at your locale. When on the course, always bring a light jacket and some rain gear, in case a storm blows up before you can make it back to the club house.

Also, remember that some courses have dress codes. Make sure you know what they are before you pack. You don't want a wardrobe malfunction causing a missed tee time.

#3: Reserve Wisely

The idea of a golf vacation is often to escape from stress. A major way you can do this is to make reservations whenever possible. Reserve your tee times before you even leave home, you can always adjust them later. Reserve you golf cart and caddy, if you are using them. If the resort sets tee times for you, check and double check that you have them correct.

#4: Research the Course

A bit of research can improve your game and make the golfing more enjoyable. For example, courses with lots of sand hazards means you should practice on your sand shots before you head out. If you've never played on a links course, you may want to practice your bump-and-run shots. Knowing the course as much as possible can help you fine tune your game ahead of time. Once you arrive, you may want to schedule a quick lesson with one of the course professionals, so they can help you dial in your club choices and swing to match the course better. For assistance getting ready, talk to a professional like Sterling Golf Services.