If Batman Played Golf: Game Gadgets Superheroes And You Can Use

Perhaps one of the most intriguing displays of superhero gadgetry in the movies are the devices that characters operate remotely or gadgets that are automated. In scenes from Batman movies, for example, the Batmobile and the Batwing plane are both summoned and controlled by Batman's remote or voice-activated key fob/communicator. Now, if Batman were to play golf, one wonders what devices he would have to play the game. Wonder no more, because the following devices exist for everyone to use when they head out on the greens to play.  

Remote Control Golf Caddies

Put away the dollar bills you would normally spend on a caddy to carry your clubs around and instead rent a remote control golf caddy. (In some parts of the country, these caddies are also referred to as "carts," but that is a different device entirely.) These RC golf caddies operate just like Batman's key fob remote--tiny control devices on a wrist string that allow you to press buttons for forward movement and stop. If you really want to impress your golf partners, invest in a remote golf caddy where the control doubles as a wristwatch.

RC Golf Carts

The actual golf carts that you ride in are also available in a remote-controlled version. They are scaled back a bit, with less room to ride sitting down. Instead, they more closely resemble a personal transporter with room for you and your clubs. When you are not riding on them, you can program them to move "x" amount of feet, yards or meters before stopping, thereby allowing you to walk ahead and leave your clubs behind or move the clubs ahead and let you catch up to the cart.

Telescopic Golf Clubs That Hit Farther and Faster

While you still have to do some of the manual adjustments on these golf clubs, the fact that you can shorten and lengthen their handles and drastically improve your golf game at the same time makes them super gadgets. You can keep one of each type of club in your bag, just in case you need something a little different or your score needs a boost. They are completely legal, too, in case you are worried that you might be cheating by using them.

Exploding Golf Balls

While you may not need a reason for playing with exploding golf balls, you will definitely want to play with them. This novelty item can explode on impact if you are using a driver or explode once you sink the put with a putter. In the event that you need a distraction and a quick getaway (like Batman!), you can always chuck the exploding golf balls at the ground, jump on your remote controlled golf cart or caddy, and zoom away.