3 Reasons To Use A Solvent Trap

A solvent trap is a very useful accessory for anyone who regularly uses and cleans firearms. This accessory is meant to be attached to the end of a rifle's barrel in order to catch any residue, oils, or cleaning solutions until the cleaning process is complete. You should consider using a solvent trap because it can speed up the cleaning process, cut down on messes, and increase the lifespan of your firearms.

Speeds Up The Cleaning Process

One of the biggest reasons to utilize a solvent trap for your rifle is that it will greatly speed up the cleaning process, mostly because the adapter will take a lot of work out of the process. When cleaning your rifle, you will want to make absolutely sure that any and all debris and lubricant is removed from the barrel before firing the rifle, which is often why many people end up spending a lot of time running a cleaning rod and cloth through the barrel. If any debris or lubricant remains in the rifle, there is a chance that the rifle will become damaged, jammed, or even cause injuries to the person firing the weapon.

With a solvent trap attached to the end of your rifle, all of the lubricants and debris will simply drain down into the trap. This means that you will not need to make as many passes up and down the barrel in an attempt to get everything as the trap is preventing the debris from being pulled back into the barrel by a cleaning rod.

Cut Down On Messes

Another reason to use a solvent trap is that it can prevent the debris, oils, or other solutions that you may use to clean your rifle from draining out of the barrel while cleaning. This can lead to nasty messes and permanent staining of clothing, flooring, carpeting, and furniture. However, the solvent trap will prevent this.

Increase The Lifespan Of Your Firearms

Since a solvent trap will make cleaning your firearms much easier and less time-consuming, it makes it much more likely that you will want to clean them more often. The more often you clean your firearms, the less likely they are to develop any type of rust or corrosion. In addition, the ease with which you can clean your firearms will make it easier to clean immediately after a shooting session, which is when firearms are most in need of cleaning due to the gunpowder residue that has accrued. 

Visit your local firearms or sporting goods store today in order to look at the various solvent traps that are available. A solvent trap can make cleaning your firearms easier, which can increase their lifespan. In addition, a solvent trap can help cut down on messes that can often occur when cleaning a rifle or other firearm.