Four Things That Help Keep Your Gun In Good Shape

If you own guns that you don't use very often, you might think that they are going to be in fine shape when you next use them, as long as they were in fine shape when you put them away. This is not always the case. Time can cause oils to dry up and parts to jam, and if people are handling but not shooting the gun, fingerprint oils and general handling can make parts wear down. In order to keep those guns in good shape so that they are ready to use when you next pick them up, do these four things.

Keep Them in Their Cases

It's tempting to keep a gun out of its case, hidden and ready to use if an intruder comes inside. But that leaves the gun open to dust, dirt, humidity, spills, and other conditions that could hasten rust or jammed parts. It's one thing to keep a gun nearby, but you should still store it in a protective case and keep it away from anything that could cause a temperature extreme, like an electronic gadget that gets very hot. Of course, it's best to keep the gun fully locked away in a gun safe.

Don't Modify

Don't try to take apart or modify the gun in any way. While manufacturers might have authorized accessories that you can add, you shouldn't try to make the gun more powerful or change anything about how the gun works. You could easily break something on or inside the gun or cause it to fire unexpectedly.

Try to Set up Regular Shooting Times

You might not use the gun a lot now, but you should try to practice with it on a regular basis. Whether you're dry-firing at home for practice or live-firing at a range, regular use helps you see if anything is starting to go wrong. As you get used to using the gun, you'll get an idea for what it's supposed to feel like when you shoot, and it will be easier to detect any variations that could signal something is wrong.

Get Regular Inspections

Even if you use the gun a lot and think it's firing OK, take it in for regular maintenance. A gun repair shop can check over the gun and spot issues that need addressing before they get worse.

If you have other questions about keeping your gun in shape, contact gun repair shops and shooting ranges. The staff at those places will be able to help you with your specific model of firearm.

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