Fishing And Your Health

Fishing enthusiasts do not need an excuse to pursue their beloved hobby, but you can feel even better about this pastime if you realize how it helps keep you mentally and physically healthy. Humans, fish, and solitude is an incredibly potent combination. In fact, you should share this beneficial hobby with family and friends.

Stress Relief

Stress can cause the excess production of cortisol, a hormone that can raise blood pressure and blood sugar. If you are chronically stressed, you may develop impaired immunity, insulin resistance, and bone loss among a host of other issues. A study of Iraq war veterans demonstrated how fishing can be an antidote to this problem. Those who were part of a fishing trip in the study lowered their cortisol level for around three weeks after the trip ended. They also experienced lower levels of anxiety and depression. Their feelings of guilt and hostility were also reduced. Members of other traumatized groups have also benefited from fishing therapy, including breast cancer survivors. It's reasonable to assume that stress of any type can be helped by picking up your fishing tackle and heading to the nearest spot where the bass are biting. 

Physical Health

Fishing by itself is not an effective cardio activity, but if you hike to your location, you can get your heart rate up and your blood pumping. In fact, vow to park away from the lake or river and make a brisk walk part of the activity. If you are fly fishing, the constant casting will help strengthen your arms, and the rest of your body will benefit from the movement. Baiting and reeling will also keep you moving throughout the afternoon. You will also get the necessary vitamin D you need if you allow yourself to absorb approximately 10 to 20 minutes of sunlight before applying sunscreen. Many people tout the benefit of simply being outside in the fresh air instead of breathing the often polluted air inside your home. Fishing offers many benefits and really no drawbacks for the average person.

Fishing provides hours of entertainment, but it also helps make you a healthier person. The physical aspects of the sport can help you stay fit. The mental benefits may be even stronger. If you have an urge to "get away from it all" and fish, you should heed the desire. Fishing is one easy and convenient way to make you a happier and healthier person.  

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