Keeping Your Kids Safe On A Hoverboard Skateboard: Four Helpful Hints

Hoverboard skateboards offer a fun, futuristic option for play or travel, but it's important to not forget basic safety rules to keep your child safe. If your son or daughter has a hoverboard skateboard, but these helpful hints to work to keep him or her safe during play.

Protective Gear

A good rule of thumb is to make sure your child is wearing the same protective gear he or she would wear while biking, roller skating or rollerblading. A helmet, knee pads and elbow pads are all helpful in preventing injuries. You may also require your child to wear long sleeves and pants to prevent getting scratched or scraped in the event of a fall. If you are unsure about what type of protective gear is right for your child, consider discussing your options with your pediatrician.

Safe Shoes

Your child will step onto the hoverboard skateboard to move around, so having the proper footwear can keep his or her feet firmly planted on the foot deck area. Look for shoes that offer traction, such as rubber-soled athletic shoes. Avoid sandals or anything with an open toe or open heel so your child's feet are completely covered and are less likely to slip out of the shoes while riding the hoverboard.

Set Boundaries

While using the hoverboard outside, set boundaries for how far your child can travel on the device. Make sure he or she knows not to attempt to cross a busy street while on the board; it may be safer to walk across the street while carrying the hoverboard skateboard. Some parks and public streets prohibit the use of hoverboards, so be sure your child understands where he or she can legally use the device while outdoors. If you are planning to allow your child to use the hoverboard inside, limit the use to an area that is open with few obstacles, such as the basement.

Practice Makes Perfect

Before you let your child take the hoverboard out on any adventure, take the time to help him or her practice. Because of the way the device is designed, your child will need to learn how to step on and off as well as how to stand safely on the board. Have your child practice in front of you several times to make sure you feel comfortable with his or her ability to use the hoverboard.

If you are considering purchasing a hoverboard skateboard, such as from Glidecraft, for your child, go over these rules and regulations ahead of time. Once your child understands what is expected and knows what goes into staying safe, you can begin to look for hoverboard skateboards for sale in your area.