Why You Should Buy Olympic Volleyballs For Your High School

If you are a gym teacher or a volleyball coach, you know the importance of good equipment. When and if the school budget allows, you probably buy some of the best equipment you can. If you are in a position to buy new volleyballs now, consider buying Olympic volleyballs. The following reasons will support your decision to purchase these, in case your boss questions why you bought the very best.

Olympic Volleyballs Are Made to Last

When Olympic volleyball players are on the court, they need a ball that will take a beating and keep going. Lesser volleyballs deflate after several spikes, sets, and bumps, but not an Olympic volleyball. It takes a while for these balls to leak, and even longer before their hides are weak enough for the ball to bust on impact. That means that your purchase will last the school or team many years longer, and eventually pay for themselves because you will not have to continuously buy new ones.

Olympic Volleyballs Pass All FIVB and High School Level Regulations

Volleyballs, just like footballs, basketballs, and softballs, have strict regulation standards. The balls used in competition have to pass all of these regulations, and have to have the stamp of approval before the balls can enter the game. While this is not necessary for gym class with students, it is necessary for competitive team sports. If the volleyballs you purchase have to do double-duty for both gym class and team sports, then Olympic volleyballs are exactly what you need. They pass all FIVB (International Federation of Volleyball) and high school regulations for balls in sports play.

You Cannot Cheat with an Olympic Volleyball

Ball players can be accused of cheating by over-inflating the ball in play. While that can and does happen in many sports where the balls are inflatable, it does not have to. Your team will never be accused of "cheating by over-inflation" because Olympic volleyballs cannot be over-inflated. It is part of what makes them an accepted ball for Olympic play. Your wins cannot be challenged or called in reverse if you use an Olympic ball—a fact that might be quite important to your school district, the Principal and Vice-Principal of the school, and even the Superintendent.

The Team Is Only as Good as the Equipment They Play With

Good games are as good as the players and the equipment they play with. Nobody can really argue that. When you have top-of-the-line equipment, you get players who want to play with it and play hard for the team.