Why You Are In Pain After Your Bike Ride

Your bicycle shouldn't be uncomfortable to ride. If you notice that you are experiencing pain or discomfort, it is likely that you have something wrong with your bike and there is much that you can do to resolve the problem. 

Why Your Seat Is Uncomfortable

One common reason for your bike being uncomfortable is that the perineum part of the body is not meant to bear weight. This can cause nerves and blood vessels to be compressed, which can cause irritation. Men experience issues with their prostate that can lead to pain and tingling. Women can experience chafing of the clitoris and labia that can cause issues of sexual dysfunction. 

Getting Comfortable

If you are struggling to get more comfortable when riding a bike, take a break from riding for a day or two so your body can recover. Engage in another low-impact form of exercise, such as walking or swimming. 

On days when you are cycling, wear cycling shorts. These are designed to pad your underside. They come with air vents that are designed to keep everything dry. The shorts must be very tight in order to be effective.

Wear cream that is designed to protect the body from chafing. While the cream is effective when wearing any type of clothes, they are best when wearing bicycle shorts. However, the cream will not handle the problems that result from the blood vessels and nerves.

Choosing The Best Bike Seat

If you spend a lot of time cycling, your answer is to purchase a bike seat that is much more comfortable. Then, you will be able to ride with much less irritation. Your seat will be so much more comfortable that you will look forward to riding your bike. Some of the most comfortable bike seats have had the nose removed and function more like a chair than a traditional bike. It is also easy to find bike seats that you like because local bike shops will usually come with several bike seats that you can try that are already attached to the various bikes that are offered.

If you are a woman, you might think that a softer bike seat would be more comfortable. But it is actually a better idea to purchase a firmer bike seat.If the saddle is too soft, you will sink and your tailbone will be pressing against a part of the bike that is very uncomfortable. For more information, talk to a professional like RideOut Technologies.