Ways To Evaluate Whether A Hunting Rifle Is A Good Fit For Your Body

When you shop for a new hunting rifle, you may have preferences about the manufacturer, caliber, action, and even the appearance of the stock. Each of these factors is important to keep in mind, but you should never overlook the importance of how well the rifle fits with your body. Given that people come in many different shapes and sizes, not every rifle is a perfect fit for each individual. Even if you have a plan about what you'll buy, it's a good idea to hold several rifles so that you can see which offers the best fit. In some cases, you may encounter a brand or a model that you didn't anticipate buying but that fits perfectly with your body type. Here are some ways to evaluate how well a rifle fits.

Hand And Arm Position

To evaluate the fit of a hunting rifle, you'll always want to put the stock to your shoulder and look down the sights as though you're about to shoot at your target. Take note of how the rifle feels in your hands. You want the hand that holds the barrel, as well as that arm, to be comfortable, rather than feel as though you're reaching too far forward. The arm should have a natural bend; too much of a bend can be awkward while holding the arm too straight can also be difficult.

Shoulder Fit

Hunting rifles have all sorts of different stock and butt styles, so you'll want to evaluate how the butt of a particular firearm feels against your shoulder. When you're looking down the rifle's sights, the butt of the gun should sit in the proper shoulder position, rather than too high or too low. You may wish to consider a rifle with an adjustable stock, as you'll be able to make small adjustments to the stock so that it fits your body properly.

Neck Position

When you have the butt of the rifle firmly against your shoulder and your arms at the correct position, take note of how you're holding your head and neck. You want to be able to look down the sights of the gun without bending your neck too drastically to the side. If you have to tilt your head too far over, neck pain may be something that you eventually face. The right rifle for you will allow you to look down the sights with a gentle neck angle. Ask a gun shop salesperson for additional assistance on finding a hunting rifle that fits your body well.