Reasons to Rent an Inflatable Paddleboard

When you're planning to rent a paddleboard so that you can enjoy a few hours out on the water, it's a good idea to visit a rental company, such as Resilience Adventures, who have a wide range of products. Often, you'll find that multiple styles of paddleboards are available for rental customers. You can expect to see inflatable paddleboards as well as those that are hard. There are advantages of both styles, but renting an inflatable board when you're able can make sense for several reasons. Here are some reasons to look for an inflatable paddleboard to rent.

It's Easier To Take Elsewhere

There may be a scenario in which you aren't planning to use the paddleboard in the water that is immediately adjacent to the rental company. Instead, you might want to take the rented board to another nearby body of water. Provided that the rental company allows this, and as long as you return the board on time, you'll be able to easily do so with an inflatable board. You can easily load the deflated board into your vehicle and travel wherever you wish. Conversely, you'd likely need roof racks to transport a hard board, which adds complications to the process of traveling with the board.

It's Lighter To Carry

Even if you aren't traveling a considerable distance to the water after you rent the paddleboard, you'll appreciate that an inflatable board will generally be lighter in weight than its hard counterpart. While the weight won't matter once you're standing on the board in the water, a lighter weight will make the board easier to manage when you're on solid ground. If you have a small stature, this is something that can be appealing. In the event that you do need to walk with the board for a period of time before you reach the water, renting a lightweight, inflatable model will be even more important.

It's A Little Softer

If you have little to no experience with paddleboards, it's common to fall a few times while you're learning. Falling can actually be fun as it can be refreshing to splash into the water. When you fall while standing on an inflatable board, you'll find that the landing is a little softer than if you were to land on a hard board. Inflatable boards have a slightly softer surface than hard boards, which means that when your body makes contact with the surface or edge of the board during a fall, the impact will be minor.