NFL Free Agents 2022: Skill Positions

As the 2021-22 NFL season comes to an exciting end, speculation about the top 2022 NFL free agents has already started.

Here are some of the best NFL free agents 2022 will bring devoted fans.


Arguably the most important position in any major team sport, the difference between having a great and average QB can be the difference between excellence and mediocrity.

  • Aaron Rogers: the often disgruntled Green Bay signal-caller has set the league on fire this year. From a fake vaccination scandal to rumors about quitting to host jeopardy, Rogers clearly isn't satisfied with his vaunted status in cheese-head land. Rogers will likely sign with a potential Super Bowl contender that's one hall fame QB away from greatness. Destinations like Denver, Las Vegas, and Pittsburgh seem like they might offer what Rogers is looking for. Wherever Aaron Rogers takes his talents could become the hotspot for other top 2022 NLF free agents.
  • Russel Wilson: although not as cantankerous as Rogers, Wilson's time with the 12th Man seems about over. To accommodate his wife's career as a pop icon, Wilson is likely to flock to a major entertainment capital like Las Vegas, New York, New Orleans, or Miami.
  • Deshawn Watson: with pending legal challenges still in the balance, Watson was a healthy scratch from the Houston Texans lineup this year. Although Watson's talent is unquestionable, he might represent the greatest potential risk of any of the best 2022 NFL free agents. Potential suitors willing to take the risk might be franchises like Carolina, Washington, or Miami.

Running Backs

Long gone are the days of a stalwart running back who remained "the guy" for close to a decade with one franchise. Today's RB market is likely to place a premium on youth and more tread on the tires.

  • Rashaad Penny: the former first-round draft pick was a major swing and miss for Seattle. Although Penny exploded at the end of the 2021-22 season, Seattle did not pick up his fifth-year extension, which makes Penny one of the best 2022 NFL free agents.
  • Tony Pollard: the Robin to Ezekiel Elliot's Batman in Dallas, Pollard looks like he might want to escape Elliot's shadow in 2022. Pollard will likely look for an offensive that utilizes the RB position as a hybrid runner and receiver. Innovative systems like those run by Arizona, San Fransisco, and Baltimore might offer both the offensive mentality and positional opportunity Pollard is seeking.

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