Properly Storing Your Kayak During The Off-Season

If you recently purchased a kayak to utilize during the warmer times of the year, you want a spot where it is kept safe during the timeframe it is not actively used. Proper storage is necessary to ensure your vessel remains intact, free of debris, and safe to use when warm weather emerges once again. Here are points to keep in mind when storing your own kayak.

Remember To Store Your Kayak Evenly

When you store your kayak, it is important to take into consideration that uneven weight distribution can cause damage to the vessel. When you position your kayak so the brunt of the weight of the hull or one of the ends of the vessel is pressing against a hard surface, there is a potential for cracking of the body to occur. Uneven weight distribution also alters the shape of the vessel over time. When this happens, it is more difficult to steer the kayak once it is upon the water. This can lead to safety issues. It is best to store your kayak so that there are several points along the length of the vessel that are supported. This even weight distribution aids in keeping your kayak's shape when it is stored for a lengthy amount of time.

Keep The Elements In Mind

When your kayak is exposed to natural elements, there is a potential for damage to its body. This includes direct sunlight, precipitation, temperature fluctuations, and saltwater. One way to ensure your kayak is protected is by investing in a cover that keeps the entire body of the unit from being exposed. A thermal cover is also a wise investment if you live in an area where cold weather is expected. This keeps the body from freezing. Before you store your kayak, rinse it well to remove debris and saltwater from the body. Dry the vessel completely before storing it so moisture is not trapped inside of the cover long-term.

Consider The Possibility Of Theft

If your kayak storage is outdoors, there is an increased chance it will fall victim of theft, especially if it is left in a place where it is easy to view. To protect your investment, consider storing it in an indoor setting. Whether this is inside of a garage, shed, or storage unit, it remains away from the exposure of natural elements, while having increased protection against theft. Purchase a kayak storage rack to set up inside of the space you allot for your kayak. For increased security, use locking mechanisms both upon the kayak rack and the storage structure itself.