An Overview Of Things You'Ll Learn In A CCW Class

Are you looking into what you need to do to carry a concealed weapon? Each state is going to have its own requirements for taking a CCW class, which teaches you what you need to know to carry a concealed weapon. Here is an overview of some of the things you'll learn so that you can be well-prepared.

Home Defense

One of the reasons that people seek out having a firearm is due to wanting to defend themselves in their own home. Part of a CCW class involves learning what the laws are when it comes to defending your home based on the state where you live. You'll also learn more about coming up with a plan for using your firearm in your home, which includes where to store the weapon so that it is easily accessible by you and inaccessible to children. 

Firearm Maintenance and Malfunctions

Part of owning a firearm is performing the proper maintenance on it. That's because you want the firearm to work properly when it comes time to use it. You'll get an overview of what you should be doing to make sure that your firearm is in working condition. In addition, you'll also learn how to deal with malfunctions that can happen to a firearm due to a lack of maintenance. 

Lethal And Non-Lethal Force 

Many people assume that the only reason to use a firearm is to use lethal force. However, there are lethal and non-lethal ways to use a firearm. You'll need to learn about what makes a particular shot non-lethal, and when it is appropriate to use lethal force. Since you often need to make this decision rather quickly, having the training on lethal and non-lethal force is crucial for anyone that has a firearm.

Handgun Fundamentals

There are many fundamentals of using a handgun that you'll need to know, especially if you've never used one before. This includes how to position your body when using a handgun, how to grip the handgun, and how to use the sights. There are also things like recoil management and trigger control that are hard to learn unless you practice over time. 


Since you have a desire to have a CCW permit, chances are that you'll be wanting to take your firearm with you. Part of the training course involves how to holster the weapon so that it keeps you and others safe, as well as how to take the firearm out of the holster when you need to use it. 

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