Your Sloth Experience - Capture The Moments On Film

Your guided sloth encounter will provide you with a glimpse of the everyday behaviors that sloths exhibit. Your experience is one that you may want to capture on film. Use the guidelines below to orchestrate a sloth encounter that you can enjoy in the moment, plus reflect back upon during future occasions.

The Outfitter

Zoos and animal sanctuaries that house sloths may offer sloth encounters. A guided encounter is often brief, but will provide a unique experience that is educational. Contact the outfitter that you plan on visiting. Inquire about the manner in which a sloth encounter is executed.

An encounter may involve spending time in an observatory or in an outdoor area that has been cordoned off. During the encounter, you may be able to watch the animal eat or hang suspended from a tree. A tour may also involve observing a young sloth as it is handled by a guide. 

Your Equipment

If the outfitter that you will be booking an encounter with allows participants to use their own equipment to take pictures or record footage, consider which type of recording equipment you would like to bring along with you.

If you own a cellphone that takes quality still shots and records high-resolution footage, plan on bringing the phone along with you on the guided encounter. If your phone doesn't take quality photos or capture quality recordings, bring along a digital camera or another lightweight camera that you can comfortably carry around with you.

Since you will likely want to spend as much time as possible observing the sloth, you may want to reserve capturing footage for the end of your encounter. Some venues that encourage guests to take pictures or make recordings may feature a special area that contains a backdrop that is designated for photo opportunities.

Alternate Options

Some venues offer guided encounters that include a visit with a sloth, photographs, and other custom items. If you sign up for a tour like this, you will not need to bring a phone or camera along with you. Review the types of packages that are offered. Select the one that will provide you with the memorabilia types that are of interest to you.

Once you have purchased a ticket for a package, review the itinerary and inclusions that came with your purchase. You will be instructed to meet your guide in a specified area. Once the meeting with the sloth is wrapping up, a photographer will take a picture of you and the animal that you spent time with.